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    CP Piston Seal


    The double-acting CP sealing set featuring a Caveseal design consists of a PTFE slide ring and an elastomer O-ring as a preloading element. The sealing set is suitable for dynamic applications as an alternative to an O-ring in situations requiring optimum sealing performance and friction. The Caveseal design enables smallest grooves.
    Due to the material combination of the slide ring (PTFE) and the O-ring (elastomer), this product is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially for aggressive media and/or high temperatures. An extensive selection of compounds is available for specific application profiles.


    • Good sealing performance in extremely small assembly conditions.
    • Excellent wear resistance.
    • Minimal break-away and dynamic friction and no stick-slip tendency ensures uniform motion even at low speeds.
    • Good energy efficiency due to low friction.
    • Assembly on one-part piston is possible.
    • High temperature resistance assured by suitable O-ring compound selection.
    • Adaptable to nearly all media thanks to high chemical resistance of the sealing ring and large O-ring compound selection.
    • Short axial assembly length.
    • Short radial assembly depth.
    • Installation in closed and undercut housings.
    • Available in diameters from 4 to 3000 mm.
    • Can be used in existing O-ring grooves.
    • Additional sizes of machined products available on short notice

    Range of application:

    The CP profile range has been designed exclusively to replace standard O-rings. For dynamic applications we recommend our OA (pneumatics) or OE (hydraulics) profile ranges.

    Piston sealing set Praedifa series CP is available in the follwing compounds:
    08401 – Industrial purpose
    PS314 – Heavy duty
    08402 – High temperature
    08403 – Low temperature
    08404 – General purpose