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    Pneumatic Seal EN

    The EN profile consists of the known geometry of the EU profile with a double, flexible sealing lip plus a new wiper lip that is combined with a cover cap. The cover cap protects the seal and the cylinder against the intrusion of fluids. Due to the simple geometry of the cover cap the housing in front of the seal can be easily cleaned as there are no undercuts or dead spaces. The EN seal-wiper ring is thus particularly well suited for the food and pharmaceutical production as well as for all other fields of application requiring an enviroment that is easy to clean.

    • Due to application-optimized geometry and compounds suitable for use in oiled as well as in oil-free air (after initial lubrication on assembly).
    • Bi-functional element: seal and wiper.
    • Robust seal profile for harshest operating conditions.
    • Extreme wear resistance.
    • No risk of corrosion since the combined retainer and wiper part eliminates the need for additional wire circlips.
    • Long service life due to coordinated geometries of the functional lips and compound selection.
    • Smooth running due to optimum lubricant-retaining sealing lip geometry.
    • Excellent media resistance in case of suitable compound selection.
    • Suitable compounds available for special requirements of the food processing industry.
    • Identical housing for E7, E8, E9, EU, EF,EN, EW and ET.
    • Installation in open housings.
    • Low compression set.
    • The coordinated geometries of the seal and wiper lips achieve favourable friction coefficients and long service life.
    • Product geometry prevents dirt deposits at the front face of the cylinder.

    Range of application
    The seal / wiper EN has been developed for hygienically sensitive applications, such as clean room technology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and food applications.

    Operating pressure≤ 16 bar
    Operating temperature-20 °C to +80 °C
    Sliding speed≤ 1 m/s
    MediaCompressed air, both lubricated and oil
    free (after greasing for fitting)

    The EN profile seal-wiper ring is pushed in by means of a recess for a round wire circlip according to DIN 7993 (type B) and fixed in position by the retaining element that easily snaps in. During installation care should be taken not to push the wiper or the seal lips across sharp edges that would cause them to be damaged.