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    Pneumatic Seal EW

    The EW seal-wiper combines the properties of the time-tested E9 high-temperature seal with a metallic wiper for environments that are particularly prone to dirt. The EW profile, in addition to the known functions of sealing and fixing, thus offers an extended wiping range. The metallic wiper permanently protects the piston rod against firmly adhering abrasive particles and the seal from excessive wear. A significantly prolonged service life is achieved through the combination of a metallic wiper and a wear-resistant sealing compound.

    • Due to application-optimized geometry and compounds suitable for use in oiled as well as in oil-free air (after initial lubrication on assembly).
    • Bi-functional element: seal and wiper.
    • Good wear resistance.
    • Robust seal profile for harshest operating conditions.
    • High temperature resistance in case of suitable compound selection.
    • Excellent media resistance in case of suitable compound selection.
    • Identical housing for E7, E8, E9, EU, EF,EN, EW and ET.
    • Easy snap assembly with assembly aids.

    Range of application
    The seal / wiper EW is suitable for use in environments that are particularly prone to dirt and in high temperatures, such as crust breaker cylinders, which are used in the aluminium extraction.

    Operating pressure≤ 16 bar
    Operating temperature-10 °C to +150 °C
    Sliding speed≤ 1 m/s
    MediaCompressed air, both lubricated and oil free (after greasing for fitting)

    The EW seal-wiper set is installed in the seating hole with a recess for round wire circlips according to DIN 7993 (type B). The seal-wiper element is pushed in and fixed in position by the metal wiper set that easily snaps in. During installation care should be taken not to push the wiper or the seal lip across sharp edges that would cause them to be damaged.