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    K33 is a single acting rod seal designed to have inner lip shorter than the outer lip and additional sealing lip which improves the leakage behavior and, at the same time, prevents the penetration of dirt from the wiper side

    High wear resistant
    Superior sealing effect with the secondary lip
    Secondary sealing lip provides extra protection against the ingress of dirt particles
    Wide range of dimensions
    Simple groove design
    Easy assembly into closed grooves

    Construction machinery, fork-lift trucks, injection moulding machines, agricultural machinery, loading platforms and standard cylinders.

    PU94 SHR 1PU9401
    MEDIAMineral oils
    (DIN 51524)
    HFA and HFBHFC
    PRESSURE≤400 Bar≤400 Bar≤400 Bar
    SPEED≤0.5 m/sec≤0.5 m/sec≤0.5 m/sec
    Sliding SurfaceØd≤0.4 μm≤3.2 μm
    Groove BaseØD≤1.6 μm≤10 μm
    Groove FlanksB≤3.2 μm≤16 μm

    Easily assembled into closed grooves according to the minimum diameter values that are given in the below table. Open grooves or special assembly tools should be used for the values that are outside this table. It is very important that the assembly tools must be of soft material and have no sharp edges. Before installation the sealing element must be oiled with system oil.

    7.7 10 12.5 15
    d min
    NBRSmax (mm)
    t=(D-d)/2150 Bar250 Bar400 Bar

    KASTAŞ NOd(f8)D(H11)B(-0/+0.2)bn
    K33-006 PU6943.52
    K33-012/1 PU1222874.5
    K33-014 PU14248.27.24.5
    K33-016 PU162254.53
    K33-018 PU18245.94.93
    K33-018/1 PU1826984
    K33-020 PU2030764.5
    K33-020/1 PU2030984.5
    K33-020/2 PU2028764
    K33-020/3 PU203011104.5
    K33-020/4 PU20266.55.53
    K33-020/5 PU2026653
    K33-020/6 PU2028984
    K33-022 PU2230874
    K33-022/1 PU2232764.5
    K33-022/2 PU2232984.5
    K33-022/3 PU2230984
    K33-022/4 PU2232874.5
    K33-025 PU2535764.5
    K33-025/1 PU254011105.5
    K33-025/2 PU2533764
    K33-025/3 PU2535874.5
    K33-025/7 PU25336.55.54
    K33-025/9 PU25337.56.54
    K33-025/5 PU25337.86.84
    K33-025/6 PU25338.37.34
    K33-025/4 PU2533984
    K33-025/10 PU2535984.5
    K33-025/11 PU253511104.5
    K33-025/12 PU253311104
    K33-025/8 PU25.431.55.754.753
    K33-028 PU283811104.5
    K33-028/2 PU28366.85.84
    K33-028/1 PU2838874.5
    K33-030 PU3040984.5
    K33-030/1 PU304511105.5
    K33-030/2 PU3040874.5
    K33-030/3 PU304011104.5
    K33-030/4 PU304211105
    K33-030/5 PU30431095
    K33-030/7 PU3038764
    K33-030/6 PU3038874
    K33-031 PU31.7538.17.356.353
    K33-032 PU3240764
    K33-032/1 PU3240874
    K33-032/2 PU324211104.5
    K33-032/4 PU3240984
    K33-032/5 PU3242764.5
    K33-032/3 PU32428.37.34.5
    K33-035 PU3545984.5
    K33-035/1 PU355011105.5
    K33-035/2 PU35436.75.74
    K33-035/5 PU3543764
    K33-035/4 PU3543874
    K33-035/3 PU354511104.5
    K33-036 PU3646984.5
    K33-036/1 PU365111105.5
    K33-036/2 PU365211106
    K33-036/3 PU36468.37.34.5
    K33-036/4 PU3644764
    K33-038 PU38481094.5
    K33-038/1 PU3850765
    K33-040 PU405011104.5
    K33-040/1 PU405511105.5
    K33-040/2 PU40508.37.34.5
    K33-040/3 PU406012.511.56
    K33-040/4 PU40486.75.74
    K33-040/5 PU40501094.5
    K33-040/6 PU4050874.5
    K33-040/7 PU405512.511.55.5
    K33-042 PU42506.75.74
    K33-045 PU455511104.5
    K33-045/1 PU456011105.5
    K33-045/2 PU4555874.5
    K33-045/3 PU45558.37.34.5
    K33-045/4 PU456012.511.55.5
    K33-050 PU506011104.5
    K33-050/1 PU506511105.5
    K33-050/2 PU506013124.5
    K33-050/3 PU50608.57.54.5
    K33-050/6 PU5060874.5
    K33-050/4 PU50608.37.34.5
    K33-050/5 PU506512.511.55.5
    K33-055 PU556511104.5
    K33-055/1 PU556312.511.54
    K33-055/2 PU557012.511.55.5
    K33-056 PU5666984.5
    K33-060 PU608013126
    K33-060/3 PU607011104.5
    K33-060/1 PU607012.511.54.5
    K33-060/2 PU607513125.5
    K33-060/6 PU6070874.5
    K33-060/4 PU607013124.5
    K33-060/5 PU607511105.5
    K33-063 PU638313126
    K33-063/2 PU637811105.5
    K33-063/1 PU637812.511.55.5
    K33-063/5 PU637313124.5
    K33-063/3 PU63.582.5516.8715.876
    K33-063/4 PU63.573.0210.529.524
    K33-065 PU657511104.5
    K33-065/1 PU657512.511.54.5
    K33-065/3 PU657514134.5
    K33-070 PU708013124.5
    K33-070/1 PU707812.511.54
    K33-070/2 PU708012.511.54.5
    K33-070/3 PU708512.511.55.5
    K33-070/4 PU708513125.5
    K33-070/5 PU709013126
    K33-070/6 PU708514135.5
    K33-070/7 PU7080764.5
    K33-075 PU758513124.5
    K33-075/1 PU758312.511.54
    K33-075/2 PU758512.511.54.5
    K33-075/3 PU759013125.5
    K33-077 PU778713124.5
    K33-080 PU809013124.5
    K33-080/1 PU808812.511.54
    K33-080/2 PU809512.511.55.5
    K33-080/5 PU809513125.5
    K33-080/3 PU8010013126
    K33-080/4 PU8010016156
    K33-080/7 PU809511105.5
    K33-080/6 PU8010011106
    K33-085 PU859513124.5
    K33-085/1 PU859313124
    K33-085/2 PU8510013125.5
    K33-085/3 PU8510513126
    K33-090 PU9010013124.5
    K33-090/1 PU909812.511.54
    K33-090/2 PU9010011104.5
    K33-090/4 PU909811.910.94
    K33-090/7 PU9010012.511.54.5
    K33-090/5 PU9010513125.5
    K33-090/3 PU9011011106
    K33-090/6 PU9011014136
    K33-090/11 PU9010512.511.55.5
    K33-090/8 PU90100874.5
    K33-090/9 PU9011013126
    K33-090/10 PU9011016156
    K33-095 PU9510513124.5
    K33-095/1 PU9510312.511.54
    K33-095/2 PU9511011105.5
    K33-095/3 PU9511513126
    K33-100 PU10011513125.5
    K33-100/1 PU10011012.511.54.5
    K33-100/2 PU10010812.511.54
    K33-100/3 PU10011512115.5
    K33-100/4 PU10012013126
    K33-100/5 PU10013013128
    K33-100/7 PU10012015146
    K33-100/6 PU10012516157
    K33-105 PU10511513124.5
    K33-105/1 PU10512011105.5
    K33-105/2 PU10511312.511.54
    K33-105/3 PU10511512.511.54.5
    K33-106 PU1061209.48.45.5
    K33-110 PU11011812.511.54
    K33-110/1 PU11012513125.5
    K33-110/2 PU11013016156
    K33-110/3 PU11012512115.5
    K33-110/5 PU11012516155.5
    K33-110/4 PU11013013126
    K33-113 PU11312813125.5
    K33-115 PU11512513124.5
    K33-115/1 PU11513513126
    K33-118 PU11812612.511.54
    K33-120/3 PU12013012.511.54.5
    K33-120/1 PU12013516155.5
    K33-120/2 PU12014013126
    K33-120 PU12014016156
    K33-120/5 PU12014015.614.66
    K33-120/4 PU12015016158
    K33-123 PU12313213124
    K33-125 PU12515015147
    K33-125/1 PU12514516156
    K33-125/2 PU12513312.511.54
    K33-125/4 PU12513513124.5
    K33-125/3 PU12514513126
    K33-130 PU1301451095.5
    K33-130/1 PU13013812.511.54
    K33-130/2 PU13015016156
    K33-135 PU13514513124.5
    K33-135/1 PU13515012.511.55.5
    K33-140/3 PU14015012.511.54.5
    K33-140/2 PU14016013126
    K33-140/1 PU14016015.514.56
    K33-140 PU14016016156
    K33-140/4 PU14017019188
    K33-142 PU14215713125.5
    K33-143 PU14315112.511.54
    K33-145 PU14515513124.5
    K33-150 PU15017015146
    K33-150/2 PU15017013126
    K33-150/1 PU15018019188
    K33-155 PU15516513124.5
    K33-155/1 PU15516312.511.54
    K33-160 PU16017013124.5
    K33-160/1 PU16018516157
    K33-160/3 PU16018016156
    K33-160/2 PU16017012.511.54.5
    K33-165/1 PU16517513124.5
    K33-165 PU165.1177.810.529.525
    K33-170 PU17020016158
    K33-172 PU17218713125.5
    K33-172/1 PU17219716157
    K33-175/1 PU17518513124.5
    K33-175 PU175215212010
    K33-180 PU18020016156
    K33-180/1 PU18019512.511.55.5
    K33-185 PU18519513124.5
    K33-190 PU19021016156
    K33-190/1 PU190.5203.210.529.525
    K33-192 PU19221213126
    K33-200 PU20021216155
    K33-210 PU21023016156
    K33-212 PU21222213124.5
    K33-215 PU21523513126
    K33-220 PU22025019188
    K33-230 PU23026019188
    K33-235 PU23525513126
    K33-240 PU24026016156
    K33-245 PU24527519188
    K33-252 PU25227311107
    K33-258 PU25827816156
    K33-280 PU28031019188
    K33-300 PU30033018178