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    Hallite Rod/Piston seal OL

    Technical details

    Operating conditionsOperating conditions and maximum extrusion gap are dependent on type of material used.
    Maximum Speed
    Temperature Range
    Maximum Pressure
    Maximum Extrusion Gap
    Surface roughnessµmRaµmRtµinCLAµinRMS
    Dynamic Sealing Face Rod Ød10.1 < > 0.44 max4 < > 165 < > 18
    Static Sealing Face Rod ØD11.6 max10 max63 max70 max
    Dynamic Sealing Face Piston Ød10.1 < > 0.44 max4 < > 165 < > 18
    Static Sealing Face Piston ØD11.6 max10 max63 max70 max
    Static Housing Faces L13.2 max16 max125 max140 max
    Chamfers & Radii
    Groove Section ≤ S in0.1250.1870.2500.3120.3750.5000.625
    Min Chamfer C in0.0930.0930.1250.1560.1870.1870.217
    Max Fillet Rad r1 in0.0080.0080.0160.0320.0320.0320.047
    Max Fillet Rad r2 in0.0160.0160.0320.0470.0470.0470.062

    The O ring Loaded Lip Seal (OL) is a molded seal
    with medium unit loading that offers good wear
    and contamination resistance.
    It is available in many elastomer (rubber)
    • Available in high temperature HNBR and
    genuine Viton
    ®. Available upon request.
    • Good wear characteristics
    • Contamination resistance